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by Cisco
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€95.60 - €114.72
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Model: ASR1000-RP1 Cisco ASR 1000 Processor
Detail: Cisco ASR 1000 Processor ASR1000-RP1




Support for Cisco IOS XE Software

Supports a breadth of IP network services, including quality of service (QoS), MPLS, Layer 2 virtual private network (L2VPN), Layer 3 virtual private network (L3VPN), Application Visibility and Control, Performance Routing (PfR), AppNav infrastructure, Data Center Interconnect, Crypto and IPv6

High availability

Provides optional redundant-processor support and dual Cisco IOS Software support for single-route-processor solutions for a highly compact, fully redundant, high-availability solution

Stratum-3 clock circuitry and BITS input ports

Facilitates support of clocking for synchronous services such as SONET and SDH. BITS input ports are available on RP1, RP2 and ASR1002-X only.

Memory scalability of up to 16 GB; up to 64 GB for RP3

Allows pay-as-you-grow scalability so memory can increase as you add more users or features; the scalability offered through memory upgrades includes:

●  Routing-table growth

●  Additional MPLS VPN routing and forwarding instances

●  Feature additions such as SBC and broadband aggregation (BBA)

Solid state drive support

Allows for greater storage area for code storage, boot, configurations, billing, logs, etc.

USB compact flash support

Allows for easier manageability for code storage, boot, configurations, logs, etc.


Offers maximum investment protection and flexibility by allowing customers to upgrade to future Cisco ASR 1000 Series Route Processors

Note: Cisco ASR 1002,and ASR1002-F have an integrated RP1 built into the chassis that is not upgradable.

Note: Cisco ASR 1001, ASR 1001-X, and ASR 1002-X (part numbers ASR 1001, ASR 1001-X, ASR 1002-X) have an integrated RP2 built in to the chassis that is not upgradable.