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by APC
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APC RBC43 Replacement Battery Cartridge #43 APC compatible

APC Replacement Battery Cartridge ensures an uninterrupted power supply to protect the systems during a battery change.

Product description APC Replacement Battery Cartridge # 43 - UPS battery - lead acid
Device type UPS battery
Weight 19.1 kg
Battery Lead acid
Battery form factor Plug-in module
Dimensions (width x depth x height) 21.6 cm x 53.3 cm x 7.6 cm
Developed for P / N: DLA2200RMI2U, DLA3000RM2U, DLA3000RMI2U, DLA3000RMT2U, SMT2200RM2U, SMT2200RMI2U, SMT2200RMUS, SMT3000RM2U, SMT3000RMI2U, SMT3000RMT2U, SMT3000RMUS, SUA2200R2ICH, SUA2200R2X180, SUA3000R2ICH, SUA3000R2IX38, SUA3000RMJ2UB, SUA3000RMJ2UB3W, SUA3000RMJ2UBOS3, SUM1500RMXL2U, SUM3000RMXL2U