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by Cisco
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Original price
€511.70 - €614.04
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Model: ASR1000-ESP20 Cisco ASR 1000 Processor
Detail: Cisco ASR 1000 Processor ASR1000-ESP20



Up to 25 Mpps

Variable forwarding performance, depending on features configured


Up to 20 Gbps

For the combination of commonly used features + Firewall or NAT

Shared by all Cisco ASR 1000 SIP (ASR1000-SIP10) cards

Up to 9.2 Gbps

For plain IPsec encryption (1400-byte packets)


Access control

Up to 4,000 unique ACLs and 100,000 ACEs per system


Up to 32,000 sessions and 16,000 L2TP tunnels


Up to:

●  4,000,000 IPv4 or 4,000,000 IPv6 routes

Multicast: 100,000 routes and 4,000 groups


Flexible number of queues per system:

●  Up to 128,000 queues

●  Three levels of hierarchy

●  Two LLQ queues per policy, with up to 4,000 policies

8-kbps policing and queuing granularity

<100-microsecond latency for high-priority applications

Real-time traffic

Up to 4,000 CRTP sessions


Up to:

●  IPsec: 8,000 tunnels

●  Firewall or NAT: 2,000,000 sessions and 200,000 sessions-per-sec setup rate

●  Carrier-Grade NAT: 4,000,000 sessions


Up to 8,000 VRF instances


Up to 4,000 tunnels

Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition)

Up to 64,000 sessions (each session represents a complete voice call with 14 SIP messages per call; that is, two call legs on the SBC consisting of two media legs for a bidirectional media flow and seven SIP messages per call leg)