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by APC
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APC SURT5000XLI APC Smart-UPS RT, 5000 VA, 230 V (without Rack Mount)
The models of the Smart-UPS RT product family can be mounted in a rack or operated as a tower. In doing so, they meet the constantly growing customer demand for higher output power with less space. With their high levels of efficiency and outstanding functional reliability, the double-conversion UPSs are particularly suitable for highly available systems in volatile power environments. Typical areas of application for the UPS are IT integration, the protection of telecommunications, server and medical systems as well as the protection of data centers, financial systems and administrative and industrial applications.
The low output voltage and frequency tolerances result in high system availability even in volatile power environments such as in connection with industrial or unconventional IT applications or in regions with unreliable power supplies, and ensure full compatibility with all generator types. The variable design allows the UPS operation to be adapted to the respective operating environment and thus enables simple and cost-efficient migration projects. The intelligent battery management warns the user, among other things, of an impending battery change. All batteries can be replaced during operation without interrupting the load or specially trained specialist personnel. The battery capacity can be expanded with additional modules.
Product description APC Smart-UPS RT 5000 - UPS - 3.5 kW - 5000 VA
Device type UPS - external
Rack size 3U
Weight 55 kg
Input voltage AC 220/230/240 V
Output voltage AC 220/230/240 V Â ± 5%
Power capacity 3.5 kW / 5000 VA
Input connections Hardwired
Output connection points 8 x current IEC 60320 C13 ... 2 x current IEC 60320 C19
Battery Lead acid
Battery form factor Plug-in module
Operating time (up to) 5 minutes at full load
Network Ethernet 10/100
Remote administration protocol SNMP, Telnet
Dimensions (width x depth x height) 43 cm x 66 cm x 13 cm